Best Youth Sports Camps in Concord, CA

youth sports camps in concord

Modern parents are always looking for ways to make their kids’ lives more active. Some parents see their child is interested in sports and want to help them with instruction. Whether for fun, exercise, or competition, there are youth sports camps in Concord for kids of all ages.

Read on about some of Concord, California’s top youth sports programs.

Youth Sports Camps in Concord


Skyhawks Sports Academy is an organization that runs sports camps in various locations throughout the US. In Concord, you can find them holding camps and programs at public facilities and parks in the city. They have programs covering sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, and more. Parents can find programs for kids as young as three and 12.

Payless Batting Cages Baseball Camp

2840 East Olivera Road – 925-825-7526

Payless Batting Cages have been operating in Willow Pass Community Park for over 25 years. Beyond the batting cages, they offer a baseball camp for kids aged 7-12. The camp includes professional training in fundamentals like hitting, throwing, fielding, and base running. It can provide kids with a great sporting experience while advancing their skills.

Elevate Basketball and Performance Training

1041 Shary Circle – 925-323-4527

Elevate Basketball and Performance Training has a large sports training facility in Concord. They hold a variety of clinics and camps for kids. The instructors will set up drills to teach skills like dribbling, shooting, and passing. They will also organize games so the children can apply the skills they learn. The idea is to have fun while promoting healthy competition and refining basketball skills.

Kidz Love Soccer

147 Gregory Ln, Pleasant Hill – 888-277-9542

Fun and competition are available with Kidz Love Soccer. This organization has youth soccer programs in cities throughout California. Locally, kids can participate in classes at the Concord Community Park. Some programs are more about fun, and others might be more instructional. They have options for kids as young as three and as old as 12.

Community Youth Center

2241 Galaxy Court – 925-671-7070

Kids can find all sorts of athletic camps and classes at the Community Youth Center. The organization has much to offer as it concerns helping kids develop athletic skills. It is also great for teaching kids about competition and sportsmanship. They have programs for sports like wrestling, gymnastics, judo, dance, soccer, and more. You can also find programs for kids ages 4 to 18.

The sports camps of Concord can do a lot to help children develop as athletes and as individuals. But that is only a tiny part of what makes this city great for raising a family.

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