4 Best Craft Beer Bars in Walnut Creek, CA

craft beer bars in walnut creek

There is no denying the increasing demand for craft beers. People love the complex flavors and appreciate the more traditional brewing techniques. If you are looking for craft beer bars in Walnut Creek, you have come to the right place.

Walnut Creek is home to some of the top craft beer bars in the area. These bars offer an assortment of interesting brews you might not find at other locations. People often come from other cities to experience some of the bars in Walnut Creek.

Which Walnut Creek craft beer bar should you try? Check out our recommendations below.

The Top Craft Beer Bars in Walnut Creek

ØL Beercafe & Bottle Shop

1541 Giammona Drive – 925-210-1147

For selection alone, ØL Beercafe & Bottle Shop is hard to beat. The bar has the style of a European bottle shop. They have 18 taps that change regularly and a wide array of bottled beer. The people at ØL Beercafe & Bottle Shop take great care with the beers. They even use an assortment of glasses to ensure the optimal drinking experience for each brew.

Rotator Taproom

1415 Pine Street – 925-952-4578

Rotator Taproom is probably one of the most exciting bars you will encounter. They offer a fun, welcoming atmosphere and an excellent assortment of craft beers. The 21 rotating taps are one of the main attractions, but they are also known for their events. You also have dog etiquette classes and beer yoga along with Wednesday’s trivia night.

Stadium Pub

1420 Lincoln Avenue – 925-256-7302

With a selection of commercial beers and craft brews, Stadium Pub is good for any group. As the oldest sports bar in Walnut Creek, it can be the ideal place to catch a game with friends. They have an excellent selection of craft beers and a fantastic pub food menu. Stadium Pub is where you want to enjoy craft beer in a more traditional pub environment.

Hops & Scotch

7001 Sunne Lane Suite 100 – 925-378-7980

Hops & Scotch is a whiskey bar and taproom. They have a wide selection of craft beer on tap and in bottles. 

Visitors can enjoy the craft beers and an array of signature cocktails. They also have a dining menu with various items that go well with the drinks.

Come to Walnut Creek for some of the best craft beer bars! 

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